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Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays hosts a multitude of marine life and land animals. Although uninhabited by people, there are about 50 kilometers of coral reefs, beaches and sea life to explore in the Tobago Cays Marine Park. Living in the Marine Park are gorgeous birds, turtles, iguanas, lobsters and stingrays. By catamaran, the round trip to the Tobago Cays from the mainland is roughly 6 hours. By speed boat, the round trip takes about 3 hours. 

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Tobago Cays Marine Park offers a gorgeous explorative experience. While snorkeling in the clear blue waters, you can swim with turtles and stingrays, and spot lobsters and conch. There is a hiking trail on land that offers scenic views of the island while spotting the native iguanas and diverse bird species.


We offer day trips to the Tobago Cays on any boat of your choosing from our fleet. The prices are as follows:

Sweet Janina Catamaran: $1,800 USD

Inspiration Speed Boat: $1,600 USD

Pure Pleasure Speed Boat: $1,250 USD

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