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The term "Canouan"  means "island of turtles"- the island was given the name because of the red-footed turtles that live there. The island is located roughly 60 kilometers (25 miles) south of the mainland of Saint Vincent. It is about 8 square kilometers (3 square miles) in size. The round trip to Canouan is approximately 6 hours by catamaran and 3 hours by speed boat for day trips. There are also pick-up and drop-off options  available for those who are looking to stay in Canouan for an extended visit.

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Canouan offers land and water adventures to partake in. Snorkeling in the clear blue waters and around the light sand beaches, there are many turtles and beautiful sea creatures to see. For longer trips, the island's Mount Royal can be hiked to view neighboring islands and the beautiful sea surrounding them. 


We offer day trips to Canouan on any boat of your choosing from our fleet. The prices are as follows:

Inspiration Speed Boat: $1,600 USD

Pure Pleasure Speed Boat: $1,100 USD

Sweet Janina Catamaran: Please contact us for pricing

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