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Leeward Coast

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is a island chain located in the eastern portion of the Caribbean. The capital of the country is Kingstown. SVG is a volcanic island. The volcano, Mount Soufriere, is in the northern portion of the island and most recently erupted in April of 2021. The island is around 345 square kilometers  (133 square miles) in size. The Leeward Coast of the island is on the western side, highlighted by black sand beaches and the Caribbean Sea. A trip up the Leeward Coast to the northern part of the island takes roughly 30 minutes.



On a trip up the Leeward Coast, there is wonderful sea life to explore with snorkels as well as black sand beaches to enjoy. The Leeward beaches have beautiful hues of heather grey and black sand, with highlights of red from the volcanic rock of the island. The breathtaking Falls of Baleine is a waterfall at the northern portion of the island, near Mount Soufriere, that can be reached with a quick and easy hike from the coast.


We offer day trips up the Leeward coast of Saint Vincent on any boat of your choosing from our fleet. The prices are as follows:

Sweet Janina Catamaran: $700 USD

Inspiration Speed Boat: contact for pricing

Pure Pleasure Speed Boat: $500 USD

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