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Mustique is a private Grenadine Island located about 31 kilometers (19.5 miles) from Kingstown, Saint Vincent. The island is just under 6 square kilometers (2.2 square miles) in size. The trip to Mustique takes roughly 3 hours to reach by catamaran, so a 6 hour round trip. By speed boat, a round trip to Mustique can take around 3 hours.

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Although Mustique is a private island, those visiting on day trips often spend time relaxing at Basil's Bar on the coast. Also, there are beautiful coral reefs with exotic sea life to see while snorkeling off the coast of the island. For those looking to stay, there are villas and a 17-room hotel with highly luxurious qualities and activities such as horseback riding on the beach. In the case that you would like to stay in Mustique for longer than a day, we offer pick-up and drop-off trips. 


We offer day trips to Mustique on any boat of your choosing from our fleet. The prices are as follows:

Sweet Janina Catamaran: $1,200 USD

Inspiration Speed Boat: $1,500

Pure Pleasure Speed Boat: $1,000 USD

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